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The objective of d.school Paris is to introduce people to the potential of innovation through the culture of design thinking.. Engineers, architects, designers, urbanists, or students from any discipline, if you want to learn innovation by practicing it, this school is made for you!

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Our history

The d.school Paris is developing a set of resources and methodologies in breakthrough innovation constructed around humanistic values and adapted to modern economic and industrial conditions. A way of thinking and designing differently, the right kind of attitude for inventing the world of tomorrow, of equal relevance to social actors and economic actors, start-ups and major industrial corporations and entrepreneurship.
Breakthrough innovation, as we understand it, is based on interdisciplinarity, from engineering to design, from the humanities to business. In essence, it seeks to break with the tradition of a linear approach to design, by fostering inspiration, ideation and implementation as fundamentals of the project.
The discipline of design thinking enables us to construct this approach through the people, the place and the processes that make it possible.

Our mission

The d.school Paris goal is to act as a role model for future educational approaches, with the aim of inspiring a new generation of training programs in breakthrough innovation, through new methods drawing on design thinking, like those established at Stanford University (USA).

Our courses

The culture of design thinking is acquired through a practical approach to pedagogy, the realization of an idea through a 3-stage design cycle. The first stage is inspiration, where the intention is filtered through the screen of the needs, dreams and constraints of potential users; the second is ideation, which gives shape to the ideas through fast prototyping, to enrich the experience through two-way interaction with users; and finally implementation, which converts the imaginative response into reality through storytelling, a pilot, and the generation of operations within the business model.

Our projects

As an entity dedicated to innovation, d.school Paris bases its pedagogy on design thinking, an approach that was born and put down its theoretical roots at Stanford University in California. This concept is simultaneously a discipline, a process and a culture, a combination that has led to the reinvention of product and service design. Its aim? To find solutions that
make sense for individuals, are technically feasible and economically viable, as summed up by Tim Brown, president of the IDEO design agency.

Design Thinking for professionals

Introduce your teams to the power of design thinking

Do you want to introduce a breath of innovation into your corporate culture? Inspire your colleagues? Develop an in-house project using design thinking methods? Are you working on a project and want to see the emergence of opportunities to design products, services, and experiences that really makes sense to your customers? As experts in design thinking, d.school Paris has naturally been offering programs to companies since 2013. We use all the power of the method to help structures to create and implement effective solutions.

Meet the team

Here, the role of the pedagogical team is not simply teaching people to innovate. Above all, its role is to create the best conditions for innovation to happen. This involves designing methods, tools and pedagogical materials, pedagogical spaces and briefs, in collaboration with industrial partners and the international community of education in design thinking.

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